Sunday, April 21, 2019

Life Saver

Easter Sunday - Resurrection - New Life - the focus of this day around the world - the Holiest Day of the year for Christians and those who believe in Jesus as the Christ - the Anointed One of God.  Today we celebrate - we rejoice - we praise God for His awesome deeds done for us.  Sending His Son to walk - live with us - to teach - preach - prepare us for a life after death - life in heaven - with Him - His Father.  On one hand it seems impossible - impossible that any of us would be good enough to be granted this gift - for all have fallen short of the Glory of God.  Yet in His awesome love for us - that gift is offered freely to all people.  One does not even have to be a Christian - nor baptized - to receive this gift.  All it takes is an open mind - heart - willing to accept Jesus into their mind - heart - to profess Him as Lord and God.  
Jesus came for all - not all will accept Him - to those who do - New Life in Christ.  Last night at the Easter Vigil - people were baptized and received into the Church.  Following that Holy Mass they may now call themselves Christians - official members of the Church.  Last night was not the end  - rather the beginning of their formation into disciples of Christ.  They along with those of us - renewed and energized by them and the sacraments celebrated - now called to go forward - to become intentional disciples - to spread the Good News - that lives can be changed - those on a path to doom and gloom - may change their focus - walk a new direction.  To those on the edge looking in - the invitation is there always - come join us - the community of believers - invite Jesus into your life - He is waiting to be your own life saver.

Happy Easter!
Deacon Dale