Sunday, September 15, 2019

Clean Sweep

A clean sweep in any contest refers to a complete - overwhelming victory.  Doing one's best - going far beyond the expected - winning against all odds - proving to the naysayers that victory is possible.  Clean sweeps are claimed often by sport teams - people running for election - anyone going against the odds.  In some situations - a strong dominant team - person expected to win - hands down.  In others where the competition is not dominated by anyone - clean sweep a sweet victory.

In today's Gospel we hear of the woman with ten coins who lost one - searched diligently - sweeping the floor - until she found it - rejoiced with others over her good fortune.  Also the shepherd who noticed one sheep missing from the flock - desperate to locate the one who was lost - eventually bringing it back to join the flock.  As we celebrated Holy Mass this weekend - our pastor - the leader of our flock - shared a story via an interview with one who had been wandering lost for years - now brought into the flock of believers.  His story as one on the outside - apart from the community of believers - having been invited numerous times to join the flock - finally - through circumstances beyond his control - forced to contemplate his relationship with God - finding in that time - all that had been missing in his life.  Now a member of the community enjoying all the benefits of Christian unity - a clean sweep in his life.  God calls each of us - Jesus - stands at the door of our heart - knocking (Rev 3:20)  - patiently waiting to be invited in.  In time - all will experience the joy of Christian fellowship - the biggest clean sweep - in anyone's life.

Deacon Dale