Sunday, September 1, 2019

Getting High

Nobody likes feeling low - down - depressed - unhappy.  In a similar vein nobody enjoys being the last to be picked for the team - the last in line - the final one to be served. Being last almost always creates a feeling of unworthiness - being less than than you would like.  Everyone appreciates being lifted up - made to feel better - important - recognized - sitting in the place of honor.

In today's Gospel that is exactly what Jesus was talking about - humble yourself and take a less significant place at the table with the possibility that you may be called forward - to join others at the head table - being recognized as special.  It is not only the host at a dinner or party that has this responsibility - this is something that falls on each of us.  As we go though our day - each of us is asked to notice those who have been left behind - ignored - cast to the side. Not only notice them - also to do whatever is in our power to help raise them up - to elevate their spirit - to welcome them - to raise them up to a higher place.  In doing so we not only raise that individual up - but ourselves also as one who appreciates the value of others.  To get high - raise others up - just as Christ was raised by God His Father - we too - through our acts of kindness - can also - get high.

Deacon Dale