Thursday, November 28, 2019

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks for anything - the best gift ever - to everyone - to anyone.  Thanksgiving Day is not just an excuse to gather with family and friends - to eat and be merry.  Thanksgiving is the one special day - in addition to sharing food and fun with those we care about - to take time to give thanks - quitely - vocally - sharing that which we are thankful for.   Thankful for life - for those with whom we share life - those who make our lives enjoyable - those who challenge us - those who think differently from us - those who listen to us - those who stop us from talking.  The world is filled with so many different people - like the colors of the rainbow - the notes on a musical scale - so different - yet so complimentary - to all the other colors - notes.  Blended together into one beautiful landscape - a concert of notes making such beautiful music.

God created this world as a blank canvas upon which we are asked to paint the stories of our lives - to write a composition of discordant notes - blending into one magnificent beautiful creation.  God created us - each of us - that together - we might create a beautiful world of peace and harmony.  He has done His job - now it is our turn to use our brushes - our pens to compose a work - all will be proud of.

Deacon Dale