Sunday, December 1, 2019

Burning Candles

Advent - the season marked with candles - purple - pink - white.  This Sunday - the First Sunday of Advent - lighting the first of three purple candles - a flame burning brightly marking a new liturgical year - the beginning of many different seasons in the Christian calendar. As we begin a new liturgical year it is only fitting that we start with the season of Advent - a time to acknowledge the Second Coming of Christ - that end time when Jesus will appear to call all just people home to be with Him - His Heavenly Father.  In Advent we are reminded that no one knows that day or hour - reminding us of the need to be constantly vigilant - to be prepared to meet the Lord when He comes.  Just as with any project - event - the need to assess where we are - what needs to be done - before the main event occurs.  In these four short weeks we will be reminded that the time is short to make sure all is ready.  This focus is very apparent during the first three weeks - in the fourth week the focus turns to the time of preparation to once again make ready for the celebration - commemoration of the birth of the Christ child.  

Any event worth participating in requires that whether we are in charge or only a participant - a need for some level of preparation. Taken seriously we can achieve all that is needed.  Cleaning up our lives - making sure that all is in good order - easier than most would think.  Impossible as it sometimes may seem - with Jesus - all things are possible.

Deacon Dale