Monday, November 11, 2013

When In Rome

Well - we are in Rome - visiting the Shrines of Italy - traveling throughout Italy - Assisi - Loreto - Luciano  - San Giovanni Rotondo - Mont Sant'Angelo - Cava de Trinita - Montecassino - Pompei - The Vatican. Ten days to see a thousand years of history - ten days to experience the spirituality of the ancients - the saints and heros - the people of the Bible - the people of hundreds of books - the forefathers of our faith. It is mind boggling - so much to see - so much to absorb - in so little time. Each one of us - walking as modern day pilgrims - pellegrini - seeking a deeper knowledge of our own faith. Impossible - yet we are here attempting the impossible - each on our own level.

                              47 Pellegrini Seeking Deeper Understanding

Just as God has called us from darkness into light - He has called each of us to this place - to this time - to experience His presence in these buildings and in those who journey with us. It does not matter if we walk with God in Italy or elsewhere - as long as we walk with Him constantly - as long as we are willing participants in all He has to offer.

Deacon Dale