Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks - Dzięki - Grazie - Gracias - Merci

Thanks - in any language - English - Polish - Italian - Spanish - French - is a one word statement spoken out of gratitude for anything. Depending on how it is expressed - quickly with no thought - sincerely with emphasis - reveals to the listener the level of appreciation. Many times thanks is expressed in such a quick and casual manner - the listener wonders why they bothered in the first place. Thanks expressed with a smile and joy in the voice conveys a completely positive expression of thankfulness.  We thank others for numerous things - gifts - kind words - help with tasks - expressions of caring. Thanksgiving in America is a day set aside to gather with family and friends to share the day thanking many for the blessings received in the previous year. It is not only an American holiday - variations of thanksgiving are celebrated in Canada - Liberia- The Netherlands - Norfolk Island - Grenada - Germany - Japan. Each country adds their own specific expressions of thanks. It is fitting that a period of thanksgiving be offered - if not nationally - by everyone. Each of us receives blessings - from others - from God.

God blesses each of us - directly - indirectly - through Divine intervention - through those who live with and surround us. This Thanksgiving I am very thankful for the multitude of blessings my wife and I received while walking The El Camino de Santiago in Spain - for the blessings received from my diaconate community - from my Bishop - Pastor - Associate - from the many priests and people I encountered on the pilgrimage to Italy - for daily life and the support of children and grandchildren - neighbors and friends - from complete strangers - who helped direct my life - to stay on the path - to go in the right direction. To each of you - thanks - dzięki - grazie - gracias - merci - may God Almighty bless your Thanksgiving.

Deacon Dale