Monday, November 25, 2013

Who Wears The Crown?

Wearing a crown indicates that someone is more important than others around them - it does not indicate that they are better - smarter - kinder - more loving. The crown is a symbol of power and authority. In the history of mankind - the people who have worn crowns have exhibited quite different characteristics - not always good - often very evil - self serving - kings - queens - princes - princesses - monarchs of all styles have occupied the pages of history books. Many were kind and just - ruling and governing their subjects with honest care and concern for all under their authority - others - unfortunately - quite the opposite - greedy - small minded people - only interested in their own selfish desires - caring nothing for those around them - including their closest confidants. In some places - even today - this continues to be an issue for people to cope with. The majority of us do not have to contend with royalty - only those who think they - as presidents - prime ministers - elected officials - are more important than the people they govern. 

Jesus wore a crown - not made of silver or gold - but woven out of thorns - placed on His head to ridicule Him - to mock Him - to hurt Him. Although painful - He wore that crown - not for Himself - rather - for you and me. He accepted His fate - His trials - His crucifixion - because we couldn't - we wouldn't  As the liturgical year of the Church comes to an end - as we prepare to begin the season of Advent - it is only proper and fitting that Holy Mother Church has us celebrate the ending of the liturgical year with the celebration of Our Lord Jesus Christ - King of the Universe - the only person to rightly wear a crown of any type. Jesus is your king and mine - he rules His subjects justly and right - He offers to each of us the true treasures of a world beyond reach - He offers us the keys to salvation.

Deacon Dale