Sunday, June 15, 2014

Holy Trinity

Today we celebrated the Holy Trinity - Father - Son - Holy Spirit. Explaining the concept of One God - Three persons - Three personalities - One God - difficult for many - way too easy for most. We are people of faith - most just accept the concept - no questions - no thoughts on how this is possible. In a nutshell - easiest to say - God is capable of anything - if He wants to exist as three persons and one person at the same time why not - He IS God - after all. Saint Patrick used the image of a three leaf clover - one flower - leaf - made up of three smaller leaves - connected to one stem - simple easy - understandable. Fine if you are a plant person - understanding three  persons as one person - a little more complicated. I like to use the example of one person who wears three hats - has three characteristics that are distinct but exist in the one person. Since today is Father's day - let me use the example of a father - myself.  I am definitely one person - just ask my wife or children - and that is my point.  I am my parents child - therefore I exist as their son - I am my wife's spouse - therefore I am her husband - I have two grown sons - therefore to them I am their father. Simply put I exist as one man - recognized as father - son - husband. What appears as three persons - father - son - husband - is all summed up in my one person - if I can be one person and exist as three distinct personalities - or designated titles - how much easier to understand God as Father - Son - Holy Spirit.

As Christians we are called to be people of faith - not wasting our time trying to understand God - we will never ever really understand God - rather - our time should be invested in serving God. Serving Him by serving the people we encounter in our daily lives. In the end there is only one thing that matters - Love of God - Love of others - Love of self - all to the benefit and glory of the One Triune God.

Deacon Dale