Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wheels Up In Twenty

Recently I have viewed a number of episodes of - Criminal Minds - a police show involving a specialized unit of the FBI - known as the BAU - Behavioral Analysis Unit - specializing in cases of very urgent natures. After informing the team of what they are coping with - they leave immediately to speed to the area of trouble which always means a flight in a private jet. As the team members gather their notes and equipment- they are always cued to the urgent nature and need for prompt departure - thus - wheels up in twenty minutes - be on the plane - now. I like this way of telling the team - move it - now - go!  We use similar phrases in all walks of life to - get up and go - move it or lose it - hurry up - let's bogey - shake a leg.

Jesus tells us that we need not worry about the day or the hour when He will return - that is reserved only for His Father. It is not for us to wonder when - it is for us to know that the time will come - one day when we least expect it. We are called to serve - to help spread His Gospel - to preach the Good News - whether convenient or not - to take His message of love - forgiveness - salvation - to the four corners of the world. That is our job - our only one- talk to people - share His love - share His message -now. We are called to be the only Jesus some people will ever know. One day - when we least expect it - Jesus will come - His message - wheels up in twenty.

Deacon Dale