Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dynamic Duo

When you hear the words Dynamic Duo -  who comes to mind - Batman and Robin? Perhaps you thought of another two people whom you would label as a dynamic duo -  the Green Hornet and Kato - maybe a dynamic husband and wife team - perhaps the Korean hip-hop artists - Choiza and Gaeko known as the Dynamic Duo. Whomever came to mind obviously impressed you as two people - working together for a common goal - a common project - who have met with success and recognized for such. 

Saint Peter and Paul - are recognized as two of the most important disciples of Jesus - recognized today by the Catholic Church as it celebrates the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul - Apostles. These two men - in the early days of Christianity - are responsible for the spread of the Gospel message of Jesus - responsible for the early development of the Christian faith - in spite of ridicule - prison - chains - death. They believed in the message so deeply - they gave their lives. Jesus calls each of us to be dynamic - as singles - as duos - as groups - to be strong in our faith - to spread the Gospel - to live and love as His modern days disciples. Do you dare to accept the challenge - do you dare to be that strong in your faith - to become a dynamic duo - you and Jesus?

Deacon Dale