Tuesday, July 29, 2014


According to the Urban Dictionary - Besties - are "friends who have each other's backs, look out for each other, spend lots of time together, and are just really good friends. They have inside jokes together, they go to the park and swing on swing sets, get ice cream, go to the beach, go to concerts, go bowling, and basically any activity that they like doing together as friends." Most people will have at least a few besties - other people - usually not family - who are there to help and support - even when not asked. They know what is happening in your life - they know when you are happy or sad - they know when you can stand on your own feet or when you need help getting around. Life without even one or two besties would be less fulfilling - less fun - less tolerable. Casual acquaintances come and go - here today - gone tomorrow. Besties are here - now and forever - even when separated for long periods of time or great distances. As each of us walks the path of life - we experience life not only in the times and events that occur -  but also - in the people who come in and out of our lives. Above all else - it is people who add the real color - the real flavor to our lives. 

As Christians - we rejoice in the knowledge that Jesus has always been there for us - waiting - watching - helping - protecting - guiding - healing - forgiving - completing - our lives. He is the one very true constant in our lives - even in those moments when we doubted His presence - doubted His words - doubted His love. When we look back in our lives and see Jesus so far away from ourselves - we need to ask "who moved" - not Him - He is after all a constant. Jesus is our first Bestie - if you cannot see Him at the moment - just turn around - He is standing there - right next to you - waiting for you to welcome Him -back into your life.

Deacon Dale