Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sunny In Arizona

Having endured too many harsh winters in the midwest - we left Illinois shortly after celebrating Christmas with family - to head to Arizona - the land of sun and heat.  We were shocked - driving a southern route through Texas - encountering a snow storm.  Being advised to avoid Flagstaff - an anticipated major snow storm there - we headed south - through New Mexico - entering Arizona on clear but wet roads. The land of sun and heat - not so sunny as we first entered. The sun did appear the next morning - remaining with us daily since. 

If you want to make God laugh - tell Him your plans - then see what really happens. The best laid plans of men - often not as anticipated - different - not necessarily worse - just different.  No matter how much we plan - schedule - research - investigate - the ultimate outcome - not always in our control.  Acceptance - understanding - willing to change - bring peace - contentment. As we wait to see what 2015 has in store for us - as we anticipate - we wait with pregnant faith - trusting - in all situations - God is in control.

Deacon Dale