Tuesday, January 20, 2015

House On A Rock

Almost everyone has heard the scripture about the wisdom of building a house on a rock as compared to a sandy piece of land.  While that is great for encouraging people to have a sound foundation for their life - it does not go well for those who literally live in a house on a rock where they wish to install an in-ground swimming pool.  Unlike normal soil - rock is very hard to dig through. What would normally be a one or two day process becomes a task of four days to a week. That is what I am told as we are one of the lucky ones to face  this dilemma.  One of the reasons we bought  this particular home was the large yard and space to add a swimming pool.  What we thought would be a straight forward project - now a rather rocky issue.  We have a solution - an estimate to chip and remove a lot of granite - a plan - more expense.

Quite often God calls us to a place in our lives where we expect easy sailing - a walk in the park - cruise through - only to discover a rock in the road - an obstruction - a road block. Just as God helps us through our daily difficulties - even more so He helps with our spiritual challenges.  Rather than worry about the delay - the extra investment - constantly we are reminded - with God - all things are possible.

Deacon Dale