Friday, January 30, 2015

Hard Dig

When we bought our snowbird home in Arizona we decided that it was partially for ourselves as a winter retreat - secondly as an investment home to be rented out in our absence.  We were unable to find exactly what we wanted - bought our house based on the potential to fix up - add amenities.  The inside was fairly complete - minor touch up here and there - the outside - another story.  As back yards go - not a pretty site - plain - ignored over the years.  In Illinois we have a home designed for family - friends - entertaining. In Arizona we wanted to create that same feeling - warm - welcoming - entertaining.  The plan - add a swimming pool - bocce court - place to grill outdoors - plenty of seating.The most complicated project - the swimming pool. In the mid-west not very difficult - in the Sierra Estrella Mountains - a challenge.  It was not a complete surprise to us that our house is built on a mountain - under a cover of twelve inches of decomposed granite - solid rock.  The original excavation halted after 30 minutes - delayed a few days to get bids on digging through solid rock.  After it was finally done - about eight hours of hammering with a hydraulic breaker attachment on the excavator and fragments removed - a free formed curving hole in solid rock. 

Solid Rock Pool Base

When Jesus was selecting his followers He told Peter that he was a rock and that upon him - He would built His church.  Peter - meaning well - not clearly seeing God's plan - put his foot in his mouth more than once during his time with Jesus.  Some may laugh at his follies - but many ministers - most of us - have done likewise.  In spite of our limited vision - God works miracles around us every day.  People we turn away from - embraced by God- groups not deemed worthy by many - worthy in God's eyes.  In time - reflecting on life's misadventures - most of us learn - are informed - educated - in God's way. We stop judging - comparing - criticizing - we look with the eyes of Jesus - we hear with His ears - we love with His heart.  Accepting all - as brothers - sisters - children of God - we become true disciples - continuing His work on Earth.

Deacon Dale