Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Finding Denise

Denise Thiem - #DeniseThiem - #helpdenisenow - an intensive search has been going on now for four months - seeking to find a forty-one year old woman last seen walking the #CaminodeSantiago in Northern Spain. Like many people seeking guidance in their lives - Denise quit her job and started traveling the world. Her last journey was walking the popular Camino de Santiago. Photos have been posted on social media showing her on various stages of the Camino. Her appearance - use of credit cards - contact with family - suddenly stopped. For months now her family has been searching - hospitals - areas along the Camino - through search groups - personally going to Spain to seek her - with no luck. Notices have been posted here in the USA - internationally - with no results. At this point foul play is suspected. Our best efforts - as people of prayer is to pray that she is found - soon. You can read more Here

God knows each of us as intimately as how many hairs are on our heads - God knows where this woman is - that place yet to be revealed. Although lost to her family - she is not lost to God. Pray that she is found and returned to her family soon.

Deacon Dale