Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sign Of The Times

In life everything changes - very little stays the same. How we apply for jobs no longer requires walking into a shop or business to speak to the manger - it is all online these days. Many items and services can no longer be paid by cash or check - credit and debit cards or electronic transfers only. Every day new changes appear out of nowhere. Newspapers have gone electronic - no home delivery - no "paperboys" - for most of the country. All of this is driven by the need to become consumer friendly - adjusting - modifying - to reach a larger audience - to be more effective in what we do.  I am just as guilty as the next fellow - if you looked at the title of my blog - its has changed - no longer "Deacon Dale's" - rather "The Eye of God".  As I continue to write - attempt to reach a larger audience - I have questioned why a person would be attracted to an obscure deacon named Dale - so I am changing - with an eye on God - an I on God - seeking to see as God sees - commenting on simple things - that we make complicated.

The only thing that I know that doesn't change - God. God the same today - as yesterday - the same tomorrow. God - Jesus - The Holy Spirit - the only constant - the only simple answer - for all complex issues. Nobody will ever know - understand God. Rather than seek complex and confusing answer - sticking with the simple truth - all we really need is - Jesus.

Deacon Dale