Saturday, August 15, 2015

Painting In A Corner

It is a common joke when discussing painting of rooms - houses - lack of planning - painter ends up going in the wrong direction and finds themselves painted into a corner - trapped - forced to wait until the paint dries - before they can move. In reality - a story about planing - thinking a project through - before beginning. The saying - failing to plan - means planning to fail. Whenever we begin any project - all aspects must be considered - plans made - materials gathered - reviewed - before starting. If a project begins with no thought - the door is opened for chaos.


God has a plan for each of us - His concept - His design - perfect. As we seek to understand God - we fail - time after time. No one has the mind of God - no one understands God's plan - for us - for the world. Seeking answers to the impossible - fruitless - time waster. Faith teaches us - acceptance - of that which we cannot understand - comprehend. With faith - we believe - with faith we trust - with faith - we come closer to God.

Deacon Dale