Sunday, January 8, 2017

An Epiphany

So this Sunday we celebrated the Epiphany - the revelation of Christ to the Magi - in modern days - to those who know nothing about Jesus. My personal epiphany - I missed saying Happy New Years to all my readers. Sorry - not justified - been very busy since the end of the year traveling from the cold Illinois winter wonderland to warm sunny Arizona. Most moves not always to plan - of course - neither were ours.  However - in just 10 days - we are here - and have accomplished quite a bit.  Now back to blogging - praying more intently - seeking God's will for us while we are here. You know that being avid Cubs fans - our first priority - securing some tickets to the Cubs spring training games.  That accomplished - we are set for four games - we turn our attention to other less important projects. The yard here all spruced up - yes even gravel needs some care - small projects around the house almost all done.  The bigger issue - my leg and difficulty walking - hiking - biking.  It has been a very slow process - not happy with the outcome so far - but in His time - not mine.  I am now on my seventh doctor and third round of physical therapy.  If the exercises don't kill me - I think I will get a handle on what is happening with my body - and they call these the Golden Years.

You know the saying - into every life a little rain must fall - and fall it has.  With Jesus holding an umbrella over my head - it is tolerable - one day the rain will stop.  For most of us - we know what that is like - things go pretty well - then a bump in the road - a diversion - a hiccup in our plans.  Being faithful to God - being faithful to yourself - goes a very long way. As long as we have life in our bodies - as long as we have air in our lungs - the battle with life continues. All we need is a positive attitude - trust in God - willingness to hang in there - no matter how long it takes.  With God - all things are possible.  May each of you have a Blessed and Healthy New Year.  May 2017 - be your year!

Deacon Dale