Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Magic

The wonder of Christmastime - snow in the air - snow on the ground - - a white Christmas - adding to the magic that springs forth from this awesome season. The preparations for Christmas ending soon - ready or not - this evening - Christmas Eve - the vigil begins - waiting for the arrival of the baby in the manger - reindeer hoofs on the rooftops - the arrival of Santa Claus. Everyone - religious - spiritual - or not - finds something special in this season - best described as - Christmas Magic. Those normally grumpy - tend to smile - people who quickly pass by others - slow their pace - if only to smile or offer a quick greeting.  Happy Holiday - Merry Christmas - Feliz Navidad - Buon Natale - Bah Humbug - in one way or another - acknowledging the special feelings all around. The majority - in good spirits - welcoming - greeting - sharing with others - family - friends - strangers - Christmas joy.

For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son - to us - to all - that we might have life and live it to the fullest. To all He came - many accepted - rejoiced - but not all - for reasons unknown. He came to bring us Good News - most listened - accepted - for some - words falling on deaf ears.  The greatest gift of all from God - besides His Son - Jesus - the gift of free will. The ability for each of us to accept or reject - Him - His Son - the Good News. The choice is ours - to accept - reject - without judgement. Perhaps those in time who do not - may change their minds - that is not for us to worry about. Our duty - to rejoice and celebrate God in our lives. We leave the others in God's hands - to His Divine Mercy. Today - this evening - tomorrow - Christmas Day - we who believe - believe in Christmas Magic.

Buon Natale
Deacon Dale