Saturday, December 9, 2017

Thanks For Giving Blessings

I am not the first to use the phrase - thanks for giving - very popular this year - at Thanksgiving time. Even now as Black Friday - Cyber Monday - Giving Tuesday have faded from the media - that phrase still lingers on - as it should. What should be normal - done throughout the entire year - only highlighted at years end.  It is not only at Thanksgiving that people should be in a thankful mood - rather - we should all appreciate every blessing that we receive anytime in the year. Whenever a gift is received - we should  thank and then pay it forward. Anyone can be the giver - as well as the receiver - at any time - any day. I recently read a story about a homeless person who was offered a bag full of breakfast bars - who immediately offered one to his donor. There are many who would have accepted the gift and walked away - this person - without hesitation - wanted to immediately return the favor.
God blesses each of us constantly - so often that too many take His blessings for granted. Today when you receive - and receive you will - pay it forward - share freely what you have received with others. You will be surprised how your blessings become multiplied.

Deacon Dale