Friday, December 22, 2017

The Christmas Dance

It is now three days before Christmas - that special time of year when all rational thought - actions - plans are down the drain - gone. Today marks that special time of year when logic fails - tempers flares - Christmas Spirit - fades into - frustration - feelings of despair - the Christmas Dance begins.  Not to worry - this is what happens yearly when the true meaning of Christmas begins to fade - replaced by last minute races to complete everything previously planned.  Office parties - cookies to be baked - pierogi to be made - final decorations - last minute shopping - wrapping of gifts - all in an effort to have a perfect Christmas. Somewhere - in the background - tossed into a corner - Jesus - His birth - the significance of the season - the reason for the celebration - clouded by us - seeking that perfect Christmas Day.

Time to stop - take a very deep breath - gather our wits about us - realize that there is absolutely nothing we can do to create a perfect Christmas. Something always goes wrong - gifts get misplaced - given to wrong person - wrong size - color - item - dinner runs late - turkey gets burned - not enough food - too many guests - babies cry - adding to the confusion. No matter how well - poorly we plan - Christmas arrives on time - in a rush like a team of galloping horses over the finish line - prepared or not.  In all this confusion we know - trust - believe that Jesus Christ Himself is the leader - conductor of the Christmas Dance. He is there with us now - not as an infant in a manger - rather as Lord of our lives. He brings to each of us His Love - His Peace - His Joy - as we celebrate Life - given freely to us by God Our Heavenly Father. The pace of the dance may be fast - hectic - always led by God Almighty. Through it all we realize that the First Christmas - that Night when Christ was born - was the only Perfect Christmas we will ever know.

Merry Christmas
Deacon Dale