Sunday, November 18, 2018

2018 Holy Land Pilgrimage Recap - Day #7

Today was a scheduled FREE day - we chose the option to continue our pilgrimage by traveling to Masada - Qumran - the Dead Sea.

 Free Day Bus Trip - Our Daily Ride

 Israel Countryside

 Light Traffic - One Car & Camel


 Cable Car Ride Up To Masada

 Cable Car Option - 45 Minute Walk Up To Masada

Masada  because of its height - standing well above the surrounding terrain - made it an excellent location for a fortress and winter home for Herod.  At this elevation - plenty of sunshine in the cold winter months - in 2012 at end of July - temperatures were between 115F - 120F - not where you would spend your summer - winter another story.  It was here that Herod built his winter escape.  It was also here when Jews escaping Roman soldiers - rather than be captured - turned into slaves - killed - committed a mass suicide - refusing to allow their wives to be tortured - raped - agreed to kill off the entire community.  Today - Masada - regarded by Jews as a very holy site - a symbol of the strength of commitment.

 The Snake Path Gate

  Everything Below Black LIne Original - Above Is Restoration Works


 Listening About Herod's Palace

Early Sauna Room 

 Ruins Being Restored 

Leaving Masada we next went to Qumran - the desert community location where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.


 Ritual Bath 


Mountain Region of Qumran

 Cave Where Scrolls Were Found

Leaving Qumran - heading to the Dead Sea - to float on the water - bath in the mud which has healing properties - not your run of the mill beach - finding camels to ride 

 Hector - Camel Ride

 Kathy - Camel Ride 

 The Dead Sea 

 Floating in Dead Sea & Applying Mud

 $5 For One Minute - No Waiting 

From the Dead Sea we headed back towards Jerusalem - stopping briefly on the way
where we met a boy offering camel rides 

 Ten Year Old Boy Offering Camel Rides

Next stop - the Church of the Good Shepherd - Daily Mass

 Church Of The Good Shepherd

Holy Mass

Another very full day - we ended the day by stopping at a local vendor to look at some pottery and honey dates - tired - we headed back to the hotel for dinner and sleep.

Praying Our Way Through Israel
Deacon Dale