Saturday, November 10, 2018

Israel - Awesome Pilgrimage

We are back!  It has been a few days since our return from our pilgrimage to Israel and we are still readjusting our internal clocks and trying to get back to our normal schedules.  Waking at 3:00 AM is not what most of us would call normal - but it is what it is.

Quickly - in a nutshell - the entire pilgrimage far exceeded our expectations.  Our original group numbered twenty-six people and prior to departure we were informed that a smaller group of six would meet us in Tel Aviv.  I was very surprised - on arrival - to learn that number had increased to eleven.  Larger groups are great to work with - especially when you have advance notice - unfortunately - the addition of five extra people meant that the extra supplies I had purchased were not enough and some ended up having to share.  That is no big deal - but at DeaconTravel/CaminoWakers Ministries we are known for being all inclusive and well prepared - this did not help to sustain our reputation.  In spite of this - we did manage to pull a  few rabbits out of the hat and hopefully - helped to remove that error on the part of our travel partner.  As my friend George always says - it will be alright - and as usual - it was.  Our tour guide was over the top and provided us with excellent information and local color which helped us to experience so much more than expected.  

Our 2018 Group of Pilgrims Outside Holy Sepulcher Church

Over the course of the next week I intend on doing a complete review of our ten day pilgrimage and share more of the 2000 photos I took.  Until then - remember Jesus - God - the Holy Spirit - is with you wherever you are.

Deacon Dale