Saturday, June 1, 2019

Sabbatical is Over

YES - My short sabbatical is over and I am now back from tasks that kept me away from this blog.  I will not go into detail - leaving the winter retreat - returning home - attending to personal issues with which everyone has - back to writing.  Taking a break from the routine is suggested by so many people - time to take deep breaths - slow the pace - review where one has been - where one wishes to go.  It is now June 1st - not yet summer - but close to it.  Summer chores and tasks waiting for all of us - hopefully - rest and relaxation included in those plans.  Easter season is almost over and next week Pentecost.  Two weeks later - Corpus Christi and many Eucharistic processions to be observed.  

God gives us this time - time so precious - wasted by so many - enjoyed - celebrated by others.  In this time - each of us should reevaluate our individual lives - objectively look at what we have or have not accomplished in the first five months of this year.  Each of us is a promise - to ourselves - to our family - to our community - to the world.  Everyone is a piece of a giant puzzle that we call life - and each of us adds value to the larger picture.  Today is the perfect day to step back and look at that larger picture - ask yourself where is my piece - am I fitting in as I should - do I need to fine tune my presence - if so - ask God for help and everything will fall into place.

Deacon Dale