Sunday, June 9, 2019

Great Balls of Fire

Today is Pentecost Sunday - one of the most significant days of the liturgical year.  Today we remember that day - in time- when God sent His Holy Spirit - down from heaven - upon the apostles - disciples of Jesus.  Ordinary men - women - of little faith - not quite understanding the crucifixion of Jesus - contemplating His command to wait - for - Another - the Paraclete - The One Who Would Empower - to go boldly - where others had failed to venture.  The color of the day is - Red - the color of blood - the color of fire - the color of the Rose - a reminder of Life.  Today - in time - the Birthday - of the Church - the Universal Church of God - centered on Jesus - the Christ.

Just as the apostles - disciples - of Jesus experienced the rush of the Holy Spirit - so may we also.  Truth be told - most of us - baptized - catechized - Christians - have already had the Holy Spirit - poured upon us.  That power laying dormant - inside us - waiting to be set free - to do as commanded by God.  To release that Spirit - to become an effective Christian - to teach - heal - witness - evangelize  - simply speak a simple prayer.  Come Holy Spirit Come - I believe I have received you in baptism - confirmation - Holy Eucharist - the sacraments - come release your power in my life - that I may glorify and serve the Lord - Our God.  Say this prayer - then keep watch for how the Spirit will manifest itself in your life - for your good - for the good of others.

Deacon Dale