Sunday, June 16, 2019


In sports and many other events a three-peat - a repeat of some win or accomplishment - three times in a row.  To be able to repeat a successful campaign - effort - three times in a row is a sign of excellent.  A triple crown of success - three being the magic number in so many places.  Today the Church celebrates its own three-peat as it celebrates the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity - Father - Son - Holy Spirit - One God - three manifestations.  To clearly understand the Trinity would take pages and pages to explain the theology that makes this understandable - even then - most walk away - still confused.  As faithful Christians - most accept the doctrine of a God with three names - accepting that the Trinity is a Mystery understood only by God .  

As modern day disciples of Christ we accept without question that God does exists in three identities all equal - in the form of the One God.  Rather than waste valuable time debating a Mystery that is difficult to comprehend - we do as Jesus told us - go make disciples of all nations - baptizing in  the Name of the Father - Son - Holy Spirit.  As our lives are transformed by the Holy Spirit working in our own lives - we freely share  this Mystery - this Gift with all whom we meet.  We accept with open minds and hearts - Jesus we trust in You - Your Words - Your Promises - Your Gift of New Life.

Deacon Dale