Sunday, January 12, 2020

Baptism - Infants & Adults

This Sunday we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord - a feast that I find difficult.  The issue - since it so closely follows on the commemoration of Jesus' birth and the feast of the Holy Family - many rush to assume that this celebration is the baptism of the baby Jesus.  The truth - from last Sunday to this Sunday - we have jumped ahead in time by some 32 years!  The baptism we celebrate is not of the infant - rather the adult Jesus - baptized in the Jordan - by His cousin John who proclaimed - it is You who should be baptizing me.  Many question the significance of John baptizing Jesus - the One born of the Virgin - the One without Sin.  Why would Jesus subject Himself to this baptism?

Jordan River - Yardenit Baptism Site 2018 

God never asks us to do anything that He - Jesus - would not do Himself - anything - except die on a Cross.  That alone was reserved for His Son.  In proclaiming the Gospel message to His followers - Jesus used many examples in the parables that He spoke.  In preaching redemption - in instructing the masses of people - Jesus showed by example - although unnecessary - how simple it was to be baptized - to renounce sin - to enter into a relationship with God the father.  As a role model - Jesus - showed all how and what to do. Even today - through Holy Scripture - inspired preaching - humble actions - Jesus teaches us - all of us.  As we celebrate the baptism of Jesus - each of us needs to reflect on our own baptism - what it means to us - what we have been called to do - to live out our baptismal promises - to be priest - prophet - king - to proclaim the Gospel - wherever we go. 

Deacon Dale