Sunday, January 5, 2020


Literally Eureka - a Greek word - means - I have found it.  Very often exclaimed after a long and arduous search.  Many search for various things - knowledge - wealth - love - answers to life's most difficult questions.  Often the answer sought for - right under one's nose - not as difficult as originally thought.  Too often these answers made more difficult by those who assume most questions have complex answers - whereas - rather very simple in reality.  In that moment - an eureka moment - an epiphany - an opening of one's eyes to the reality of this simplicity.  

Any sudden inspiration of any truth being revealed - an epiphany moment.  Such was the experience of the Magi who followed a star - revealing the Child Who Was To Come.  Some  epiphanies - divine - others more worldly.  Most people have experienced an epiphany - an unexpected discovery of any truth - real love - love for another - love by a God who created them.  The Church celebrates the Epiphany - the revealing of Jesus - to the Magi - to us.  As we grow in Faith - begin to understand our relationship to God - to Jesus - we experience another epiphany - that we are also children of God - brothers and sisters - of our Lord Jesus.  With this knowledge - we are all called to celebrate - share this knowledge with all we meet.

Deacon Dale