Sunday, January 26, 2020

Casting Nets

It seems to be common knowledge when one is looking for something - anything - more than one pair of eyes is very beneficial  Loose something at home - best to ask another to help in the search  Loose something outside - best if additional persons become involved in the search.  Loose someone outside in bad weather - best to call a search party - many pair of eyes and ears - searching.  In desperate times when discovery required to be sooner as compared to later - cast a symbolic wide net - cover as large an area as possible - to minimize time and effort. The same goes when fishing in a pond- lake - river.  A single line will at best - catch one fish.  To catch more - a net is required - to catch as many as possible - a very large net - mandating the use of multiple people - to manage the net and eventual catch.  Using nets produces better results.

When Jesus began His ministry - fishing for men - fishing for people's souls - many hands - mouths - needed to spread the Gospel.  His initial twelve recruits - learning what His mission was all about - much more effective - after the Crucifixion.  Empowered by the Holy Spirit -  empowered by their shock at His death - empowered by their desire to serve their Lord - produced results not previously attained.  Today - you and I are fishermen - for Christ.  You and I are fishing for souls - leading people to a new- better relationship with God.  Today we no longer use nets - rather - we network - involve all the tools available - with as many people as available - to reach the masses.  Today as modern disciples of Christ - each of us is called to go out - to spread the Gospel - to Cast Nets.

Deacon Dale