Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Scare Tactics

I find it very frustrating that so many people - organizations - special interest groups - use scare tactics - when recruiting or promoting their agenda or business. We have become a nation of fear - afraid of what might happen if we fail to join - participate - buy into whatever is being handed to us. Recently I received a letter informing me that our local county had finally received voter approval to negotiate electrical rates for the people of our county. It is called aggregation - putting all homes into one large buying group - creating a large body of consumers into one bargaining unit with the hope of getting lower electrical rates - saving everyone money in the process. I was shocked - as I read the letter - that the bargain rate - locked in for the next three years - was no bargain at all. Verifying my purchase history I verified that I was - and currently am paying only 63% of the rate offered to the group. I called and opted out - wondering how many homes were mislead and signed up for the bargain rate because of the threat of an increase that very likely will never happen. I could be wrong - maybe I am lucky to get a fantastic rate since my home is total electric - maybe I am one of the lucky ones. It is not only electric rates that people fear - gas prices fluctuate daily - keeping people trapped in their homes - afraid that they will spend their life's savings on a long awaited trip - vacation - shopping spree. Some religions take the same tactic - don't be left behind - commit today - you know not the day or the hour - convert before it is too late.
It is true that we do not know the day or hour when Christ will return - but our God is a merciful God - slow to anger - quick to forgive - His Divine Mercy - unmeasurable. It would be incompatible with all we know about Jesus - with God - for Him to swoop down upon mankind - in an instant - giving no time to act - to react - to repent. He warns us constantly - in the end - when the end comes -  I have to believe - He will be compassionate to all - one last time - no scare tactics -  in truth - with love.

Deacon Dale