Saturday, July 5, 2014

Beasts of Burden

A beast of burden is typically a pack animal used to carry or move heavy objects - as compared to draft animals which are used to pull a load behind themselves. Common pack animals would be elephants - camels - horses - reindeer - dogs - mules - donkeys. Although termed "burden" - the weight these animals are asked to carry are reasonable given their size and load weight. Humans would normallly not be considered a beast of burden - the term loosly applied to humans who are asked to bear emotional burdens of a serious nature - beyond that which the typical person would be able to cope with. Most people cope with the stresses of normal life in very good syle - on ocassion - some expereince issues that seem to snowball and grow in size well beyound that which anyone would normally expect to bear - reaching a critical point where the person finally collapses - usually emotionally.

In Matthew 11 Jesus tells us "come to me all you who labor and are burdened - and I will give you rest - take my yolk upon you and learn from me - for I am meek and humble of heart - and you will find rest for yourselves - for my yolk is easy - and my burden light".  The yolk that He asks us to share is His commitment to love all - equally - fairly - with no judgement - it is not a yolk of wood - rather a circle of love - we are asked to love all as He loves - to help all  - to open ourselves to the presence of Christ in those whom we meet - to bear the burden of His love - carried joyfully for all.
Deacon Dale