Sunday, July 13, 2014

Spreading Seeds

Earlier this Spring farmers everywhere were busy spreading various seeds in the ground after tilling and preparing the soil for a new crop. It doesn't make much difference what seed they were planting - the process is basically the same - prepare the soil to make it receptive to accepting the seeds - adding fertilizer and weed killer where necessary - then physically spreading the seed - hoping for a rainfall to settle the seed and begin the process of germination. Then the waiting game - waiting to see the first signs that the seed took hold - sprouted - poked its tiny green head above ground. Most of the seed normally takes root - with continued care in the early days - roots go deep and a healthy stand appears in the field. Not all seed germinates - not all seed grows - some withers and falls by the wayside - to be thrown in the trash later in the growing season.

In today's Gospel - Jesus shares the parable about the seeds - some falling on good soil - some falling on rocky ground - roots that do not grow deep - seed surrounds by thorns - His seed the Word of God - His parable - how different people receive His seeds - the Word of God tickling their ears - in the end not always providing growth in the person's life - not showing growth in the community. As much as He warns - the people - those who have ears - need to hear - those who have eyes - need to see - His warning is also to those who preach. To bishops - priests - deacons - He tells us - give the people real food - preach His Word - honestly - completely - give the people something they can sink their spiritual teeth in - not the fluff and warm fuzzies preached by too many these days. It is not about feeling good - rather being good - it is about hearing the truth - spoken in Love - Truth that admonishes - teaches - encourages - inspires. His Word gaining for His Heavenly Father true and honest disciples - disciples who are more numerous than all the ordained clergy in the world - those disciples - joining with the ordained - to spread His Gospel message - of Love - Forgiveness - Reconciliation - Salvation. Jesus says forget the fluff - the boring - feel good homilies and sermons - instead plant seeds of faith - seeds that produce mature and faithful Christians.

Deacon Dale