Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fat Tuesday

Hooray! Celebrate - Today is Fat Tuesday - a day of self indulgence - food - parties - Mardi Gras.  Yes today - we pull out all the stops - throw caution to the wind - forget decorum - party like there is no tomorrow.  Fat Tuesday is a last ditch attempt - one more day - to ignore - to focus on self - to let our inner child run wild - uncontrolled.  In this day we celebrate personal independence - no thoughts of others - no thoughts of rules - rather a day to break rules - to run free.  At midnight - it ends - gone  - not forgotten. Tomorrow - will come - Ash Wednesday - the beginning of Lent - a period of reflection - a time of seeking forgiveness - for what we have done - for Fat Tuesday - for being inconsiderate - for being selfish - for all that we dared to do - all the wrongs committed.  There is always two sides to every coin - two routes to walk - two choices to be made.

Jesus told us that He was The Way - He did not force us to believe - He gave us a choice - accept or reject - turn away or turn towards Him.  In Lent the Church gives us an opportunity to review and reflect.  Our choice - our time - choose wisely.

Deacon Dale