Sunday, February 2, 2020

The Presentation

Today the Church celebrates The Presentation of The Lord - that time when Joseph and Mary brought Jesus to the Temple - for Mary's purification rite after giving birth - Jesus's presentation as the First Born child.  It was the old people - Simeon - a High Priest of the Second Temple - the God Receiver - and Anna - the Prophetess who was near 84 years old.  Simeon's age is not mentioned but viewed as very old - awaiting the presence of the Christ Child.  Both Simeon and Anna strong in their faith - very firm in their beliefs - Temple dwellers - providing guidance to the younger members of the Temple community.   Staying strong in the face of adversity - weathering the changes of time - being faithful - excellent models for the younger - youthful members.  Proving time and again the value of age - sharing wisdom gained only from experiencing life itself - not gained from books - from first had knowledge itself.

That model - seeking wisdom - knowledge - from the senior members of society - still valuable today.  Unfortunately - all too many - reinventing the wheel - trying to improve on a model that has stood the test of time.  Rather than utilizing the tools already in place - expending so much energy seeking answers to questions that have already been answered.  What is being missed - properly utilizing existing tools cast aside.  Granted there are new ways to implement - approach the issues - in the end it comes down to effective - efficient utilization of resources already in place.  The most effective tool available - the very people themselves - making them understand that they are the answer - they have the power - to accomplish these tasks.  Recognizing the value of what you have - giving your best to the Lord - offering oneself in service - solves almost every issue.  Today - every day - each of us needs to stop - take stock of what we have to offer - to step up - stand up - step away from the crowd - to go to the altar and present ourselves.  Today the Presentation we should be celebrating is our own Presentation to God.

Deacon Dale