Thursday, November 15, 2012

In Concert

According to the Free Dictionary - "in concert" means "with a common plan - as to act in concert - together." When  we hear "in concert" our first thought is usually a musical production of some sort. My granddaughter appears in concert at her college where she participates in various musical productions. On November 30th - at St Patrick - in Yorkville, IL - Tatiana will be in concert. There are other times when people come together - not for musical reasons - to gather to work on community projects. Last night I attended the local Knights of Columbus meeting where 42 Knights gathered together to work on one of many of their annual Christmas projects - in concert. In fact everything the Knights do - is in concert. Their projects are never the result of one person - always the result of many volunteers - working together - in concert.
Jesus recruited His disciples because He knew that He would be more effective working with other men to spread the Good News. In concert - He and His followers went to the public - ministering to all they met. Today you and I also work - in concert - to continue the works started by Jesus. Even when I pray the Breviary - alone by myself - I am - in concert - with other deacons and priests - also alone - but in concert - with each other as we say our prayers for our Holy Church. Ordained or lay - all of us are called to unite our prayers and works with each other - that Jesus may be brought to those who need Him the most - we act - in concert.

Deacon Dale