Saturday, November 3, 2012

Meet & Greet

A "meet & greet" session is a meeting in which people are gathered together to meet for the first time and become acquainted with each other. There are many reasons for these types of meetings - parents of school children - scouting groups - travel groups. I recently held a travel meet & greet for a group of people who will be traveling together on a pilgrimage to Italy. My wife and I made sure the meeting room was properly arranged and decorated to give an ethnic feel to the room - complete with Italian colors - glasses of red wine - international flags. It was a great success and in a very short time everyone felt as if they had been a group and friends for years. The pilgrimage will be very pleasant and a rewarding adventure for all of them since they are no longer traveling with complete strangers.
An important consideration in Jesus' ministry was the fact that He met people where they lived. Very often they met and shared their lives over a glass of wine and a piece of cheese or bread. Jesus knew that He had to make people comfortable with Him before He could have an effect on their lives. Following in His footsteps - many successful ministries today still follow the meet & greet format combined with shared food and drink. The next time you want to share your personal relationship with Jesus with others - stop - invite - share - food and drink first - then evangelize.  It worked for Jesus - it will work for you.

Deacon Dale