Thursday, November 1, 2012


Pacing has to do with the pace or gait established by a person, animal or team when moving forward - as in a race or march.  Horses are trained to run, trot or pace - marching bands train for hours developing marching and playing skills - athletes train endlessly to develop their best pace for endurance and stamina. The goal in all three examples - to do the best - to maximize performance - to accomplish their goal. In our own lives we establish a pace - a rhythm - to how we live out our daily lives. We wake - prepare for the day - experience the day - end the day with rest. Even those whose lives are filled with numerous activities - fall into a rhythm.
As a good Jew - Jesus also had a rhythm to His life - daily functions and needs - daily prayers - religious observances - living life to the fullest. As He lived - so He asks us to live - as faithful people - observing God's commands - listening to Him who nurtures - breathing in the Spirit of Life - seeking balance in a world of confusion. In God's hands - we can have a normal pace - a normal pattern - a normal stream of a life lived well - in God's hands we experience Him - Father - Son - Holy Spirit. We live Life!

Deacon Dale