Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Training is a very important part in the process of education and preparation for many tasks. Through training an individual follows a prescribed routine to achieve their goal. In canine obedience training - the process is repeated over and over until the dog has the routine memorized. Usually the trainer is more likely to give up before the dog does. Command and treat gets the task done every time. Patience on the part of the trainer and endurance in the task is what finally yields good results. Musicians have to train - practice - constantly until the music and the technique become a part of their life. I have just begun the process of training for a special pilgrimage that I hope to make next September - walking El Camino de Santiago in northern Spain.. I not only have to get my walking skills up to speed - literally - but I have to do it carrying a backpack. Presently I can do a few miles with no major effort - the goal is to be able to walk about 18 miles a day for 30 days in a row. I am confident that I will be able to walk the 18 miles with out any problem - the hard part will be repeating this task daily until I have walked some 500 miles. With God's blessing it will be accomplished. 
When an individual makes a commitment to Christ - to be an active follower and disciple - they have to train themselves so that they will be able to sustain their goal of spreading His message. It is not easy - many fall by the wayside - reverting to old habits - giving up early in the process. For those who stick it out - no matter how inconvenient it may be - the rewards are many. Through this process - serious people - are coached and encouraged by the words of Christ Himself and His early disciples. Prayer - Holy Scripture - attending Holy Mass - are some of the best tools for those attempting this task. With Jesus at your side - you will be well trained.

Deacon Dale