Monday, November 26, 2012


Resolution refers to the act of coming to a definite decision about something. It also means to reduce or break into small parts as in disintegrating in order to convert or transform one object into another. When a group of people come together to discuss an issue in which a decision must be made - we say that they come to a resolution - or final decision about that issue.  When a complex chemical is processed in order to break down into smaller less complex parts it is said to have been resolved - a final product which is now clearer and more refined. In photography resolution refers to how many pixels are involved in the photograph and how clear the resulting image will be. Poor resolution - low pixel count results in a blurry or grainy picture - good resolution - high pixel count and a sharp and clear image results.
When we come to faith - we seek truth - we seek knowledge - we seek information. For many people this is a long and difficult process. Too often the mind tries to resolve faith issues with logic - very often there is no logic to making faith decisions. An individual either believes or does not believe based on what feels correct to them. This is the point of faith - making a resolution to believe that which logic defies. Once a person takes that step into the arena of faith - interesting things begin to happen. Resolving to commit your life to God - to serve Him - to serve His people - to love - to share - is a very good resolution.

Deacon Dale