Sunday, April 7, 2013

Divine Mercy

Today - the second Sunday of Easter - is Divine Mercy Sunday - proclaimed such by Blessed Pope John Paul II. On this Sunday we stop our lives - for a bit - to recognize just how merciful God really is. It is through His Divine Mercy that we are saved - saved from death - saved from hell - saved from ourselves. Nothing of this Earth can ever give us the solace - peace - joy -  that is found in Christ Jesus. There is nothing we can do - it is a free gift - freely given - freely received - to all who accept. No strings attached - no terms - no conditions - no if or ands - just there for the receiving.

In His Divine Mercy - Jesus hung on the cross for us - not because He had to - because He wanted to.  He gave His all - for our all - our sins - our lies - our deceptions - our blindness - our cruelty - our selfishness. Today we rejoice - our God has come to the Earth - our God died for us - our God saves.

Deacon Dale