Tuesday, April 23, 2013


SPS - Sudden Prayer Syndrome - is my term for prayer that is not planned - rehearsed - learned - rather it is prayer spoken from the heart - in one's own words and thoughts - that happen any time - place - situation. Prayer of any type is always good prayer - learned prayers are good prayers - prayers said in community - with families and friends - at church during services - is good prayer. The one issue  that exists with those prayers are that they do not happen as often as they should. SPS happens on the spot - in the moment - at the drop of a hat - unplanned - unrehearsed - spontaneously. Like a fire that begins due to spontaneous combustion - SPS - is the fire of one's heart - speaking to God in the moment - freely - for no reason - for every reason. Those who pray on schedule - when convenient - when planned - practice one form of spirituality. Those who allow SPS to become a part of their life - practice another tye of spirituality. Whereas one is open to the Spirit of God - on ocassion - on schedule - windows open and closed - the other walks in the Spirit of God constantly - never stopping their prayers - never closing the doors - always keeping the window of opportunity - the lines of communication - open.

Jesus walked in the Spirit - his total life. He was never disconnected from His Father - with God. He lived and breathed the Divine connection between Father and Son - Son and Spirit. That is why He is so scary to so many people - people who fear that they cannot ever be truly like Jesus. No one is expected to be another Jesus - however - we can and should model our lives - our prayers - after Him. He is the One - who shows us the way - He is the One who guides us - He is the One - alone - who practices true SPS - not for His benefit - rather for ours.

Deacon Dale