Monday, April 22, 2013

Moving On

"Moving On" is a term used by many to indicate that they have finished an appointed task and are ready to begin a new project. It is also a common term used by those who are physically relocating from one location to another. Moving indicates motion - motion indicates action - action indicates an act or state of movement - all which goes to prove that in all this moving and action - what is old is new - nothing ever changes - everything constantly changes. As we pass through our lives we experience a lot of action and movement. Hopefully the result is growth - learning - experiencing - becoming a better person. Even when the action seems circular and no apparent growth is observed - there is always some change - usually on another plane. Image looking at a spring or a slinky toy - traveling along either results in circular motion appearing to end up where one started - in reality when observed correctly - the motion has also carried one either downwards or upwards. We live and experience on different planes of our existence - a body in motion - never ends in exactly the same place where it started.
Jesus moved people's minds and hearts - He taught them and loved them - they learned and experienced His presence among them. Their minds were elevated - their hearts were changed - they grew - they moved - in to a different plane of existence. No one can encounter Christ and remain the same - there is always a change - always growth - always movement. Jesus calls each of us to be open to that movement - to be open to change - to be open to Him working in our life.

Deacon Dale