Monday, April 22, 2013

Priority Mail

Priority Mail  is a trademark of the USPS - United States Postal Service - an indicator of an upgrade to their normal service - with expedited delivery schedules. Normal mail - also known today as "snail mail" travels to its destination in a fairly reasonable amount of time. In today's environment of computers and online transactions - along with the advent of electronic mail - i.e. email - standard delivery times appear to take an unusually long time to arrive at their destination. With modern sorting and handling processes utilized by the USPS - mail does reach its destination in a fairly quick amount of time - but there is no reasonable way that it can compete with the electronic competition. To combat this perception of slow delivery time - the USPS now offers "Express" and "Priority" mail service - as a means of leveling the playing field. Offering as little as one day service - their goal is to retain their customer base while providing that which people seem to need - immediate action and service.
Jesus is for many of us - our Priority Male - the One who delivers everything to us - in an instant - if need be. He alone can traverse the miles of our hearts - the highways of our minds - the oceans of our souls - to bring us His presence - His love - His healing. There is no extra fee - no special labels - no special packaging required. He only asks for your heart - to be open to Him - open to His gifts - open to His presence in your life. Take time today to talk with Him - with His Father - with His Spirit - you will be surprised how quickly He makes you His priority.

Deacon Dale