Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter?  What? - Have I lost my mind? - After all Easter was three days ago - was it not?    Well - yes - that was Easter Sunday - unknown to many people - Easter is actually a Season in the Church Liturgical year - that lasts for 50 days!  Surprise! - it is still Easter - all the way up to Pentecost and including Trinity Sunday.  So Divine Mercy Sunday which arrives in a few  days - is a part of Easter Season - as is the Ascension of Our Lord - Pentecost - Trinity Sunday.  So you ask - what are we to do - the chocolate bunnies have all been eaten - as well as the yellow marshmallow peeps and we found almost all the colored eggs - only one still hiding somewhere - and even that will be eventually found once it starts to radiate an obnoxious odor.  What is a person to do with 50 days of Easter?  The answer is simple - Live it. Practice what you believe - daily - at home - at work - at play.  Be a Christian - don't be afraid to show it - say grace before you eat - even in restaurants - even at McDonalds.  Teach what you believe - there are thousands of people starving for the Word of God - feed them.  Share what you have received - let others in on the "secret" - the gift of New Life - given freely by God - to all who ask.

That is all Jesus did - He lived His faith - practiced it daily - said His prayers - as any good Jew did. He lived the Truth - He spoke the Truth - He shared the Truth. We can do no more - no less.

Deacon Dale