Thursday, February 26, 2015

Desert Experience

Living - working - walking - in a desert climate - takes some adjustments. Coping with excessively bright sun light - extreme heat - dust storms - lack of water - takes awhile to adapt - learn how to live with those conditions. One would think it impossible - very difficult - hard on individuals - families - elderly. Reality - it is no worse than adjusting to any new climate. Excess heat - no worse than excess cold - just the other side of the spectrum. When very hot in the desert - escape to the inside with air conditioning - when very cold in the north or mid-west - escape inside with furnace warming the air. When these minor inconveniences are ignored - living in the desert opens one up to amazing and interesting things - the animals - plants - people. One after another - each has a story to tell - experiences to share.

As Jesus walked in the desert of Israel - He was able to view first hand - God incarnate - how people lived - coped - adjusted - treated each other. He knew from His own life's experiences what people were really like - good and bad - saint and sinner - young and old. As the God - who walked among His people - He knew patience - love - concern - for all mankind.  Even now - as you walk through the desert of Lent - He knows exactly where you are - what you have done well - where you failed - in all of this - He waits patiently for you.

Deacon Dale