Friday, February 27, 2015


When walking through any desert - whether actual - symbolic - thirst is a major concern. Before setting out for any journey one of the most important items to pack - water. Your hiking shoes may be the newest on the market - your backpack the largest made - your trekking poles lightweight aluminum - your clothing quick drying fabric - none as important as your provisions for water. You can hike barefoot - you can carry nothing but your poles and very little clothing - you cannot walk without water. Not only must you start with water - you must know where you can get additional as you travel your selected path. If more will not be available - then an adequate amount must be carried from the start. When walking a spiritual journey the same applies - whatever it is that you will need - your Bible - Rosary - prayer book - must be in hand before you start the journey. To get half way into your trek and have no water - no spiritual guide - dangerous - in a desert - life threatening - on a spiritual trek - risk of a bad experience.

In life the only constant that we may rely on is Jesus - He is always there - has always been there - since the beginning - with the Father - with the Spirit. The Holy Spirit of God is what nourishes us - feeds us - quenches our thirst. When entering any prayer experience - the Holy Spirit - that breath of fresh air - the living water - that quenches all thirst - must be invoked - before starting any journey. We begin with prayer to God - through Jesus - His Son - through the power of the Holy Spirit - we continue prayer as we journey - at the conclusion - an ending prayer of thanksgiving. If you thirst for life - if you seek fulfilment - seek Jesus and His Holy Spirit - He is there - waiting - for you.

Deacon Dale