Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dusty Feet

If you wear sandals in the desert you are guaranteed to get dusty feet - sand underfoot - pebbles between toes - an occasional thorn or two. Logic would seem to demand wearing another style of footwear - yet - desert in Israel - desert in Arizona - most prefer sandals. The airy open shoe style - very comfortable - allows feet to breathe. Sandals have been a favorite of many since the time of Jesus - a favorite particularly with women even in 2015.

Jesus instructed His disciples to travel with no extra baggage - one pair of sandals - a walking stick - the earliest ultralight trekkers. Dust in sandals a given - not being accepted when proclaiming the Gospel - uncertain - possible - not probable.  For those who refused to listen - dust shaken from the sandals - a sign of displeasure - a lesson for all.  Walking with Jesus - dusty sandals a given - expectations - many - walking alone - never.  He stands - looking for a companion - waiting - for you. 

Deacon Dale