Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not All Bad

During Lent it is not uncommon to find people who think they are the worse person in the world - all bad - doomed to hell - forsaken forever. Yes - there are many bad people - people who are so bad - the rest all look like saints.  Everyone has sinned - period - everyone has redeeming qualities - even the worse sinner - can be forgiven. It does not matter what the sin is - how it was committed - when it was done - where it happened. Believe it or not - sin - is - sin. There are no colors to sin - no taste - no flavor - no size - no shape. It is not big sin - nor little sin. It is like being - a lttle bit pregnant - either you are - or you are not. Sin is the same - one size fits all - not gender specific - not limited to one age or another. My sin may be completely different from your sin - it is still sin. How often we sin - slightly different - yet the same.  If someone sins once and another ten times - it makes no difference - if neither has respented - asked for forgivemess.  When sinners do finally repent - all receive the same for giveness from God - like sin - forgiveness has no size - no limits.

Jesus promises all - come to me all who are weak and burdened - I will give you rest.  Not a little rest - not a big rest - simply rest. He loves all equally - He forgives all equally - He calls each of us to holiness - equally - no limits - no restraints - no time limit.  His call is constant - His love unmeasurable.  Listen - today - God is calling - waiting - for you.

Deacon Dale