Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Passing The Torch

Passing the torch - a metaphoric expression - alludes to an ancient Greek race in which a burning torch was passed from one runner to another - viewed at opening ceremonies for the Olympic games. Today - a change of duty - passing on responsibilities from one individual to another - receiving a promotion at work - retirement - leaving someone else in charge. A rite of passage - for some - leaving one set of duties behind to accept new obligations. In a few days this ritual will be observed as our current President leaves office and the new President-elect takes over. In the process the winds of change will fan the flames of that particular torch - how it will affect the United States - yet to be seen - too many self proclaimed prophets - confusing this ritual. This particular ritual - occurring every four or eight years - always generates a lot of interest - quite often an unwarranted amount of misdirection - a game played in particular by politicians.
When Jesus said He had a fire to ignite on the Earth - He did not mean He would be passing any torches. Rather His fire - the flame of His love - for each of us. He wanted people to come alive for God - to share their faith - to deepen their relationship with Him and His Father. He wanted people to make a firm commitment to accept Him as Lord of their lives - to follow God's commandments - to love one another - as God loves them. Once committed to Jesus and His Father the light of  that relationship would be visible to all - the flame of God's love would shine throughout their very souls. Jesus calls each of us - today - to accept His love freely and completely - to let it fill our hearts with warmth - light - to grow in us - that we may - pass the torch - to all we meet.

Deacon Dale